Thank you for showing up for yourself and us.

You make me weep in good ways reminding me for first time I am not alone.
— Jennifer Thompson,’s such important work you are doing Skye - and each time I read one of your posts it shakes me to the core - I am so appalled and flabbergasted and frankly uncomfortable as fuck!

But I know the work is serious and this shit has got to stop - talking about it is the only way to pull back the veil....
— Anita Kaiser, Health and Wellness Coach
What a powerful reminder that we who have been comfortable have no idea of the kind of darkness that exists and is perpetrated on innocents. Skyler, I am so sorry for the horrors you have experienced and the blame that was placed upon your young shoulders.
— Stefani
...Your book is a haven of truthful acceptance for the ugliness that is recovery and the truth that is so painful yet so desired. This. This is why you keep going...
— Roberta Smart, Hidden Pathways
Skyler Mechelle, you speak a truth that so many victims/survivors of familial child abuse suffer. “Shut up! Move on”. I lived in that alternative reality that everyone wanted and it destroyed my inner soul. Your words, your honesty, your rawness, are such a fucked up comfort, if you get what I mean. I love you girl! I love your desire to live, but not just live, but to live authentically. You speak for so many.
— Sheri
Too much for someone to read / yet I-you-she-little girl had to live it / too strong those black marks on white screen-paper / yet red wounds on innocent skin / can’t say that publically / while it’s done privately / oh did I ruin your day / by telling you how he ruined my life? If you hide from this account you allow evil to remain in its shadows / water it with your fears / hold its coat while it / rapes another woman / behind a dumpster...
— Bard Judith, Graphic Designer
I support you, Skyler. Your story is important for teachers, practitioners, daughters, mothers, fathers, sons, students, everyone to hear and see and know. I stand with you and you can lean on me and know that I believe in you, my beautiful, precious, pure, unicorn princess
— Alex Karola, Educator for 13 years and a mental health counseling grad student

"Thank you for going to the depths so you can hold a lantern for other women afraid of the dark night of their soul..." 

-Bethany Rivett-Carnac


 ....I am so touched and so moved… Words escape me… My heart pounds for you and my forehead sweats... You are so brave and powerful today.... Thank you for opening yourself up… Your book, will be so helpful and inspirational to many... My heart bleeds for all you went through... These words are so inadequate but I hope you get the love I am feeling for you through them...
Namaste dear beautiful LADY... You are utterly fantastic


"Skyler Mechelle is a prodigy of all matters of the heart. Light radiates from her soul like lightening bolts from a glorious summer storm. She has the ageless ability to hold your pain in the palm of her hand and take care of it for you while you feel into what needs to be done. She is a guide, a mentor and the most intuitive channel of truth that I have ever met. Her most beautiful heart, which has grown from her life experience like mammoth sunflowers growing from untended soil, is shared with her tribe through words, thoughts and intuition. She shares in unmatched clarity through her written word, she speaks to my soul like the mother I never had, and if you are lucky enough to meet her, you will call her sister forevermore"

"For a long time, my stripes were invisible. Easy to conceal. 

They toughened me, insulated me from the outside world, from being hurt again, from opening up to the vulnerability of receiving. 

I could hide them and pull power from them. I grew harder. and harder. and harder. A clenched fist of rock, pushing through and preventing anyone from penetrating my soul..." -Alicia Civile


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