Freedom is personal. Expansion is personal. Healing is personal. That's what makes them powerful. Because committing to these things means committing first to you; learning who you are, what you need, and what resonates with your HeartSpace. Freedom, expansion, and healing are rooted in your truth, and how you feel. It's going to look different for each individual, even if we start on the same ground. Love allows for this; Love invites individuality. God designed you with purpose.


We all wish to be led, but most of the time we forget that true Leadership comes from within. I chose Love, because I've learned to know Love and what Love could provide me. I give Love, because I feel Love. To walk with God through healing, in deep and powerful and raw and horrible and beautiful ways, is choosing to feel. I chose to feel, so I knew what to feel, because for so damn long I was just numb.


Unless we feel our freedom. Unless we feel our expansion. Unless we feel our we we really know it or know what it should feel like when have it? I remember the days when I was told what my freedom should feel like, and how I should express it. I remember feeling even more broken inside because what I was told it should be, wasn't my truth; it wasn't how I felt. It took me trusting my heart, and going where I knew I needed to with God to stand where I do today. It took some major LadyBalls, and I am so glad I did it. 


Life sometimes sucks, it makes no difference how high you rise or how at peace you are, you can't outrun it. There will always be people who disagree with your choices or how you feel (which, btw is BS because your feelings ARE valid, because they are yours. Where's Albus Dumbledore when you need him?) It's not about aligning to everyone else's views, it's about finding YOURS. It's about learning how to access our freedom, our expansion, our healing, our matter what comes. It's about choosing to learn Love, so we can learn to feel Love, in all places and experiences. Then going out, and being stewards of our HeartCalls (our Divine Purpose's). 


More often than not (especially now with owning a business) I find myself standing in moments and questioning...


"Why am I not done?"


"Why do I still FEEL so powerfully?" 


"Did I skip some step? What did I do wrong?"


"When will this just end, so I can live free?"


But that's the thing...this is living free. Feeling is being present in the moment, so you can choose what to do with the moment. Either navigate the turbulent waters, and unearth another important truth, or decide "eh, I've done this before, I'm going to allow myself to feel but not allow myself to be sucked under". We have choice, even in our commitment to healing, and that is where the true freedom lies. 


Healing is fucking hard, but it is purposed. It isn't just God laying out a velvet pathway of joy and glitter and fairies (where is that, and how do I get there?) it is God laying out a hand and saying "Here, Child, come and find LIFE..." 

Freedom isn't one thing, so neither is living out our freedoms. Freedom isn't just joy, freedom is Love. 


I don't claim to know a lot, but I do know this...You are so fucking Loved. Through the doubt, through the fear, through the hard choices, through the joy, through the beauty, through the challenge, through the saying "no, I'm not ready yet". You. Are. Loved. 


Freedom has no expiration date. Love never ends. Hope is eternal. But if you don't feel that, how can you know that? Beautiful healing warrior, what do you need to hear Love speak to you today? 


You are seen.


You are worthy.


You are known.


You are allowed. 


You have permission.


You are safe.


You are held. 


You have everything you need, if you ask. 


You are cherished.


You are not ever alone.


You will know when you’re ready to begin.