Real Talk

Real talk: this week has challenged me in deep and everlasting ways. Ways that I am only beginning to scratch the surface of, but that I am committed to serving well. 
Challenge is nothing new to me. However, just because I actively choose to embrace challenge now, instead of challenges finding me in patterned ways of coping, doesn't mean it is any less awakening. Just because I am free and unbound and colorful and vibrant doesn't mean I dont spend time on my knees in tears. Just because I am a leader, doesn't mean I'm unaffected by life. It actually means the very opposite.


The moment I stepped onto my healing road, I began cultivating a way of living where the only true constant is change. Small rocks skipping across the lake change, to packing up my shit into a suitcase and traveling the world change. My pain demanded I go to the innermost core, and rebuild from within, and rebuilding from within gave me the precious and divine opportunity to learn through experience what it meant to live a heart-led and spirit-led life.

Where everything is vulnerable. Everything is open to being surrendered. Everything is God's. Everything is a lesson. 

Seem exhausting? It was at first, but then it became fucking freeing. It became the very essence of my zest and color and spunk and sass and grace and gentleness and hope and unbound joy. It became my sanctuary; that never leaves, never fades, and never demands. It invites. I have choice to not participate in the sacred dance, and at times across my lifeline I have chosen not to, be honest, I wouldn't want to live any other way. 

That is what it means to be a "thought-leader," that is what it means to be a "pioneer," this is what it means to be willing. To participate. To actively choose. To walk out the things you may never had the opportunity to, but now for some reason can (right, you're here, you're reading this, you're on your way), and then learn to choose it even after you're "done" with the heavy stuff. *We're never really done*

This week rocked me to my core, and I am choosing to participate in the dance. To feel, to respond to that feeling, to serve my heart, act. Whether that action is a walk through town, sharing my raw heart with a loved one, or opening up and declaring that I will no longer be silent. 

This is my life, this is my leadership in action, this is my freedom. 

Let's find yours. Let's experience life together. Let's be the community I am so thrilled to not just lead, but be apart of. Be changed by. Step up and commit to going first for. Let's do this life shit together. Because you are not ever alone.