Whoopsie Daisy

When Skyler Gets Distracted By The Shiny Things

My freedom was found upon the barren roads I reclaimed as my own. The places where nobody thought to look for redemption, or hope for more. My freedom should have never existed in the desolate places, but it did, because Love is in all things. 

Sometimes I forget that my business is the same way. I operate out of foundation where freedom lives, freedom reigns, and often with all the shiny things I swirling on our feeds I forget what ground I stand on is strong. I get so caught up in the hustle, that I lose sight of the purpose. 

I look at the business owners making shit tons of cash, at the people telling me I have "blocks" (which if you didn't know I don't believe in blocks, I believe in feeling), at this method and this way and that how. It all swirls around me, and it reminds me so much of my healing. Of when I didn't know who or what to trust, and thus I had to step back into my own heart and learn to trust myself. The healing we learn here will be used in the things we do in all our beautiful somedays, because holy unicorns I am doing it now. I am using the techniques I used to heal from my abuse, in my beautiful somedays. 

This week I am coming home to myself by stepping back onto that ground, barefoot and willing, and reclaiming my "why" by recalling my "how". How did I get here? How did I heal? How am I a leader? I trusted. I acted. I surrendered. I rose. 

All the things I sacrificed, all the years I invested in my healing, all the days I spent believing in a freedom nobody else did. That is what I offer my community. That is what I offer myself. Freedom. Not just taught, but lived. 

The shiny is cool, and I've learned much from it...but my foundation is walked upon with bare feet, as my palms raise high, and freedom rings in my ears "welcome home". 

Welcome home, tribe. What do you need to remember today?

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I'm committed to caring for you, the way you need. I'm making smaller (read cheaper and more accessible) courses in the $15-25 dollar range, I am doing podcast interviews (3 this week!) to help get my message out etc, and I am learning to step back onto my ground and listen to my heart so that I can serve you in new ways. You are my "why," and I damn sure trust my "how". 

I'm not going to bullshit you into thinking I am not scared sometimes, because I am. But I also know what I have, outside the fear. I have strength, courage, resources miles long, and an ability to feel AND overcome. To rise, and I'm inviting you to rise with me. Here's my hand, let's take a walk together shall we?

In Grace, Guts, & Glitter,
Skyler Mechelle