I'm going to invite you to set the intention for this journey before you actually begin. To know that these are seeds that you can choose to plant within your heart, and then learn to be the gardener of for the rest of your life. To learn from my walk, but find the confidence to choose your own road. To Love Yourself, radically, forever.

Step 1:
To create a little space in your home where you go and practice this new Self-Love.

It is allowed to evolve over the next month, but starting where you are and having a space that physically reminds you that you have choice to enter and choice to leave, is so beautiful. To honor yourself and learn to Love your journey, because this is all for you. 

Step 2:
What helps you process most? A journal, speaking it aloud, drawing, dancing? Add this element to your safe space. 

It, too, is allowed to evolve over the next month, but starting where you are is a reminder that you're not starting from scratch. You're just finding your new brave.

You are capable. You are loved. You have choice. You are supported. Always.

No Matter What The "____" Is


How can you integrate what you've learned and are learning from the first week of the course into this moment right now? 

  • 1- Speak aloud the inner-voice rising within, and let it settle.
    • Whether it's an image, a feeling, or an energy try and locate where you recognize it most within your body. This is your heart-led intention rising to the surface. 
      • You don't have to trust it yet, or even truly know how to name it, but you are allowed to feel it. Acknowledge it. Write it down, draw about it, dance it out, sing about it. Grow attune to it, with grace. We get to use our inner resources in our own healing as much as we will in rising outside of it, and this heart leading is the foundation. It's your reclaimed Soul Gound.
      • Most of you are leaders already, or else you wouldn't be here. You've chosen to invest in your inner-work so that you can use it within your leadership and your life. Walking out this process of Self-Love, as you may have already gathered, is all about Self-Knowing. Healing, resting, receiving, stretching, finding balance, responding, knowing, sharing, feeling, all on repeat and amplified. Creating this stable place within you, this Soul Ground of knowing, will allow you to discern from that ground no matter what you face, who you serve, or what you decide to do. It is your truest compass, and your connection to Spirit.
  • 2- How does it feel in my body? What boundaries can I uphold so that I am feeling, without being overwhelmed? What resources do I have available to me?
    • We get to live outside of theory now. We get to take the seeds we've gathered and learn how to tend to them, with active Love. 
  • 3- You are not demanded to accomplish what you feel led to do/become, but you are invited to. There's a difference. 
    • You know longer are required to survive; you can accomplish out of Love, not of fear.
  • I invite you to list some "I am" statements you feel presently or want to feel, and label your body's responses to them. You can engage in this exercise below.
    • I am not broken, I feel broken in this area - I am whole and allowed to feel pain.
    • I am not isolated, I feel lonely because of this - I am open and brave, and I am allowed to make space for new life to come in, even if it's painful to let things go or remember what I don't have that I thought I needed.
    • I am not unworthy, I feel less than because of this experience - I am enough, and I acknowledge why my body is responding to this with guilt. It happened to me/I participated in this, but I am no longer there. I can feel and release. I can forgive. 
    • This is not my end, even when it feels too big to carry on - I have rose before, and I will rise again. My feet are walking towards my own reclaimed ground, where I am always safe. 

I trust you and believe in your ability to listen to yourself, to seek out support, to use your resources, to create boundaries, and to rest. You have everything you need to rise again, and this is not your end. No matter what we work through this week, you are enough. 

Loving reminders: It is normal to feel heavier after doing this work, it is normal to have extra sensivity and heightened awareness. You don't need to explain it, you can just feel it and create a boundary to support yourself as you walk through it. You are allowed to breathe. To sit back now and give yourself permission to take time off. Drink more water, stretch, become. You are not obligated to go above and beyond all the time.

Mantra/Prayer/Meditation: I am a vessel of my purpose, I am not chained to it. I am grateful for what I have been given, and I am choosing to heal for me now. To find my balance as I live, rise, and cultivate new Soul Gound. his is my life long freedom, and it doesn't expire. I do not have to rush after it, or I'll lose it. It is mine, always. I get to be grateful, and sad. I am capable of being more than just a conqueror, as I learn to overcome in new ways and create safety within my own heart. 





  • Speaking my feelings aloud gives me space to cope, and discern without being crushed by it. 
  • I am capable of using My Voice, because Love's Voice is present with me.
  • I am not confined or chained to Past's Voice, and I have the power to acknowledge my present pain and not let my past pain win.
  • It is okay to be sad, I am human because I feel.
  • Not everything is fair, but everything unfair can be redeemed. 
  • I do not have to face everything all at once, to heal from it. 


Past’s Voice - fear, isolation, blame, heaviness.

Love’s Voice - forgiveness, grace, understanding, validation, support, truth.

Your Voice - unique, powerful, important, human.




We were made to be warriors, but more often than not we we are also born without armor. And, the armor we create in haste (out of suffering, pain, and challenge) numbs us instead of simply shields us. So, it's about time we rebuild it. 

Do you remember the first time you felt like all of you (or all you felt) was "too much"? I do, but for years I blamed myself for feeling less, instead of recognizing it was a result of what had happened to me; what had forced my warrior to numb herself to survive. This created patterns of mistrust, isolation, and fear within me. The root of my pain caused my greatest gifts to be manipulated and my own ability to live (instead of simply react or numb) to be squashed. I lived less, because I felt less; until I learned to live whole, by feeling in wholeness. 

What would it feel like to overcome with grace? To not be afraid when things rise up that trigger us? To practice Self-Love as we overcome? To step outside the man-made boats and into the ocean without the armor that used to cause us to sink, and not be afraid of the deep? Just us and our sea, and our reclaimed armor within...in tune with the current, and capable of overcoming the storm. 

We have the choice to validate the pain, the frustration, the anger, the annoyance, and the fear, and defining it gives us permission to finally release it. As the dark lord becomes Voldemort, we realize that his power to control manifested in the silence. The isolation. The fear. Just like how saying the waves aren't real, ends up with us being hit with them over and over again. To say they aren't real is to allow them to be more powerful than they are, more powerful that we are. 

No matter what that "___" is we face, we can treat it like this metaphor. We have choice to not white knuckle through it just to face another identical wave head on. Just like we don’t have to erase our past to be whole, and we can actually use it to reach deeper wholeness. Facing our present "___" is more than just conquering it, it is taking the pain of both present and past and making it purposed. Redefining on yet another level what it means to heal, for us first. To no longer be silenced.

To start at your Soul Ground and work our way up gives us the ability to find security and strength, no matter where we are; waves, fire, hell, an annoying parking ticket...I mean, really though. Taking the “shoulds” and “to-do lists” and “mile markers” and replacing them with wholeness and promise and resilience. Redefining what it means to overcome, for us as individuals, as we take those white knuckle warrior moments and modify them so that they give us more than they ask of us. So that we're not repeating the same patterns over and over, and we're not choosing to just hustle through the world's issues and ignore our own. 

To be free AND feel AND to live. To be in the deep water, in the eye of the storm, in the frustrating journey, and always know where our solid ground is. 

Homework - 

The intention is to do more than just survive. To know by feeling, so that we can discern from the stable ground within, instead of the unstable/manipulated understanding of Past Pain. 

  • As I step out into this new facet of my healing and overcoming, and I allow it to be whole and not perfect, what is one way I can separate my healing from the world's pressure of how I "should" feel?
    • his is about separating everything you've been taught, and experienced, from who you are now. How can we take the 5 steps from week 1 and start to use that Soul Ground to affirm us as we walk through shit in life? How can we guide ourselves to what we need, by listening to our body, asking for help, using our resources, creating boundaries, and engaging in self care?
    • It starts by naming the emotions we feel. Looking back over our days and recognizing the patterns. Where are we most triggered? Where do we experience the most anxiety? Where do we need support? 
      • Example: As I face my difficult neighbor today, I prepare myself by validating the fear that tends to rise up whenever I encounter them. I have recognized that this fear is a trigger, and I know that I have to be extra gentle to my heart. Is it fair? Not really. Am I safe? Yes.
      • I ground myself in my truth, and prepare my heart, even if that prep is a single breath in between carrying all my bags out to the car and trying not to spill my tea in the process. The frustration I feel that I have to actually deal with this, on top of everything else is real, but I have more than that frustration. I have Love.
      •  The uncomfortable need to please, instead of create a healthy boundary rises up and I take another breath. I understand why I feel these things, and I can define the feeling even if I can't define the root cause, and my leader/mentor/therapist has affirmed it. It makes it easier when I name it, because I remember I'm not crazy. I have experienced pain, and that's human. 
      • Then, as I breathe, I create space for Love's Voice to come in and remind me of my own responsibility. What can I take and what is not mine. I am capable of handling my responsibility, without the weight of the entire world on my shoulders. It is far harder to try to do it all, and remain stable on my Soul Ground. It's a lesson I've learnt time and time again. (I usually laugh at this point.)
      • To define the triggered feeling (even if I don't know the root cause), speak aloud what I can do in the present, and then learn to take care of myself without it feeling like another to-do list. This is what I've done, and will continue to do, because I am more than what I face.

As I begin to recognize Past's Voice remind me of the times I carried too much, or when I "messed up" because I wasn't able to carry everything, how can I respond with Love? 

  • It took time for me (and it still does take time today) to recognize the difference between a triggered response and a normal response. I've had to find extra grace for myself in moments throughout my healing because my expectation of myself was that of the world (or of my past) and I simply wasn't able to operate at 100%. No matter what we've faced, nobody is expected to operate at 100% all of the time, and learning to discern moments where our percentage is low will allow us to engage with life without being crushed by the pressure.
    • It's okay. You can take your time with this. It is lifelong. You do not, and are not, expected to be perfect. Some of these lessons will evolve with you overtime, and that is the point. Whether or not you have a specific event to pull from or not, life is hard and you are allowed to feel the fear of whatever you experienced in your past, no matter how "bad" it was, without it controlling you. Your feelings are valid and real because they are yours, and this is where we get to dig deeper into that first act of solo time and start to face our waves, by acknowledging that they exist. (Reminder: you are not less because it does, and it doesn't even have to be a "wave," it can be whatever it needs to be for you.)
      • Walking out healing means learning more and more about who you are; good, frustrating, beautiful, passionate, pained, abused, angry, resentful, hopeful, playful, the works. No matter what this work brings up for you, you do not have to face it alone. You do not have to feel it all at once. You do not have to do it a certain way every time, as long as you commit to it. 
      • More often than not I would feel intensely in moments I "shouldn't" have. Out in public, in jobs, during conversations with people who didn't "get it," and I had to learn how to take care of myself during that. I had to learn to recognize the start of the surge, but listening to my body, and then reminding myself (through grounding techniques) that I was safe.
      • Coming up with statements like
        • "I'm going to grab some more tea." Then removing yourself from the moment to breathe. (Hot and cold on your hands helps bring you back to the present.)
        • "I hear and respect your opinion, thank you." But not receiving it fully, and not having to explain by. Creating a boundary.
        • "I would feel safer if..." When you have people who do respect and hear you, and you get to create that boundary.
        • "I would be happy to do that, tomorrow." Nothing more. 
      • This is all about learning to sway into balance, as you embrace all this stuff rising up within you, even if who you're saying things to...is yourself first. Creating those boundaries within your own healing first. Knowing that you can say "I'm done for today," write that shit in your journal, and then coming back to it in a month or two. You have choice.
    • (Twice for those in the back hehe.) Write it down, digest it, feel into this process. Things are allow to shift, and definitions are allowed to change. For a long time I was only allowed to see things a certain way, because the pain of the truth was too big. However, it was my body's way of allowing me to start the process without being too overwhelmed. Honor your process, it's there to serve you. You don't need to rush.
  • Using the inner resources that you are beginning to reclaim in healing, this lesson is all about learning to trust yourself and your heart-leading on a deeper level. To define what you feel/what you've walked through, so that we know how to handle things in our present that reminds us of our past. Knowing what our responsibility is, and knowing how to release things when they no longer serve us. You're allowed and invited to feel, and make space to rest. 
    • What are 2 acts of Self-Love that you can use as a resource?
      • 1 - How is that resource available to you? 
      • 2- What is one way you can remind yourself of these resources?

Pep Talk - 

You are capable of facing this without drowning. You have tools to use, and you are not less when (yes when, not if) you need the affirmation that you're hearing correctly. You are more, because you are allowing yourself to be more than just a a survivor. To redefine the way you live, to redefine Self-Love. 

You are allowed to make this yours. Take the Seeds, and become the Gardener. What would it look like to take some time today (or this week/month) to write down or draw what you feel you want your healing and Self-Love to look like? (Even in stick figures, or short hand - ah, freedom) Think of it like a vision board for Self-Love. 

You are more than what you have faced. 

Mantra/Prayer/Meditation - 

I am safe. I know what safety feels like within me, and I am learning how to access it. I am safe in my exploration of this, because just like in my overcoming I know when to face and when to trust dive with the fishies. I can use my tools in and outside of this space here, I am capable. I know how to listen to my body, and respond to it's needs. I know when I need extra support, and I know who to ask or where to seek it. I overcome with Grace and Love, because I am.






  • I am allowed to feel, even if it's messy.
  • My feeling are valid because I feel them, and they are mine.
  • I am not my feelings.
  • I am not my past. 
  • I am not even my present.
  • I am me.


Past’s Voice - fear, isolation, blame, heaviness.

Love’s Voice - forgiveness, grace, understanding, validation, support, truth.

Your Voice - unique, powerful, important, human.




I lived my life for others (and things) for years, focusing on everything else but my own pain, because I was never taught how to experience feeling without being overwhelmed by it. If this resonates with you, I invite you to speak it aloud now. To speak the lies we are learning to define, and then create space for Love to replace them. Not erase them, but redefine them. Because proclaiming our pain doesn't make us less. Being numb or having to place heavy shields around our hearts in our past doesn't mean was not un-holy, it is what being a conqueror meant...then. 

We are more than conquerors now. We are more than the words spoken over us in our past, more than the failures, more than the pain, more than the experiences and feelings we are now learning to define, instead of silence. We are Daughters, Sons, Children of Love, and we are meant to be free. To know ourselves, and yes even our pain, with open hands instead of clenched fists. To experiences what it means to feel in the moment, and not let it overwhelm us anymore, because we have the tools to feel without being crushed. To be the more we were never allowed to be before, and continuously sway into expansion as we rise for the rest of our lives. 

More than the hustle, more than the overcoming, more than the singular. As we continue to expand, we are inviting the world (and how we view it) to expand around us. To become more than just physical beings, but spiritual beings. To be in tune, connected, and stand barefoot on our rich Soul Ground that we are continue to heal and care for. Giving us the permission to feel AND stand firm. To feel AND know. To feel AND rest. To feel AND know who we are. 

Overcoming is more than just forgetting or tossing aside. We are more than just survivors. We have color, we have resources, we have faith, we have community, we have Love, and we have us. In expansion, we can receive. We don't have to wait to reach a certain height of Self-Love to live more whole; we do not have to be perfect to thrive. We are not less when we are messy and human. We are allowed to be free AND human. 

Homework - 

The intention of this work today is to bring back the pace a bit and reconnect us to our expansion so that it feels real again, not just like another thing we have to accomplish.

  • As I expand, what do I notice about myself? What am I proud of? What have I done, thus far?

    • Name 3 things that you have done:

      • 1- How does it feel to speak that out loud?

      • 2- How can this support you in your life?

      • 3- You are invited to sit with these three things and be grateful, or be annoyed, or be real with them.

        • Communicating with our emotions is a really cool way to make them less scary.

        • For example: I am feeling sacred right now. I recognize it in the weight in my body and the tension I am carrying. I get to talk to that scared emotion and get to validate it. Many emotions are heightened by the fact that they're ignored. They then have to become big (or come out wonky ways) in order to be heard. Much like when our body gets sick in order for us to rest.

  • As I sit with myself in this space of expansion what do I see, what do I hear, what does life feel like now?

    • The entire intention of this work is to give you the tools to live AND Self-Love AND heal, not just break it up. Doing it with intention, wisdom, and heart leading. Connection to our souls, minds, and bodies is giving us access to a new brave, and new way of life. The magic hope made real. 

    • Communicating with ourselves is so important to this journey. We get to know who we are, at all times, and thus creating the freedom to be more than what we're carrying. 

  • Bonus: I invite you to simply take yourself on a date today, or something this week/month. To sit with yourself and acknowledge everything that you've done. Not even about why you did it, but honor how you did it. 

Pep Talk -

I recognize your bravery and honor you. Your expansion is incredible and powerful, and I am here celebrating you. I am here walking with you. I am here expanding alongside you. You are not alone, and you are allowed to be still. To laugh, to cry, to be silly, to engage, to rest, to be free. 

You are allowed to make this yours. Take the Seeds, and become the Gardener. What can you do today, to remind yourself you're the one who knows you most? 

Mantra/Prayer/Meditation -

My emotions are just emotions. They come and go, and I am not defined by how big or small they are. I am capable of listening, feeling, and expressing my truth without it being bigger than me. I am whole, I can choose, I am strong. I redefine the boxes I was once placed in, I will be more than a conqueror, because I am.





  • I have all that I need within me, I have amazing resources.
  • I know all the resources that I have, and I can interact with them in and outside of overcoming. 
  • I can discover who I am, as I release what I am not (my past)
  • I am loved. I am promised. I am powerful. I have choice. 
  • I do not have to explain, I can just live.


Past’s Voice - fear, isolation, blame, heaviness.

Love’s Voice - forgiveness, grace, understanding, validation, support, truth.

Your Voice - unique, powerful, important, human.




Reality tastes different when you’re the only one acknowledging it. It’s isolating. Maybe that’s why denial is the new black? When you’re exposed to your own reality it shatters you. Until that one terrifying day that you realize that accepting your truth will be the one thing that rebuilds you.

Sometimes reality will wake us up to the fact that that pain feels familiar, and that we have experienced something similar to it before. I hear you, I understand, I am right ther with you. Life can be hard, life can be so hard, but in the power of knowing who we are...we get to release what we are NOT. We get to start claiming and knowing Our Voice, in the midst of feeling and releasing. We get to take back the power that was stolen, and cradle the inner light that was hurt. 

Being the true gardener of that Soul Ground means that we are constantly learning how to tend to our hearts in expansion. Because expansion doesn't end and we will constantly have choice to claim new power. To walk and leap with inutitiveness, and guide ourselves through trust dives and willingness to feel. To be led by our hearts, instead of our Past Voice's. To know that overcoming the "___" takes all of us, and we can use it to find our wholeness instead of editing and modifying more of who we are to survive it. 

This is our new reality. You don't have to stay hidden, you can be known. You have choice. 

Homework - 

The intention of listening and hearing and knowing our wholeness is to live whole. Overcome whole. Rise whole. Expand into new wholeness everyday. To see instead of just allow and embrace instead of just close up. To not have to live in fear, because we live knowing instead. . 

  • As I embrace my wholeness, and choosing to know, what does my body need?

    • Name three things that you feel are in need of support.

      • - This support is available in many ways, what will serve this need best?

      • 2- Why can I trust what I hear?

      • 3-  What do I have in my resources that can serve me today?

    • You are not alone, that is going to be a constant reminder as we walk this journey together. Your feelings are valid, your choice is always available to you, and your options are endless. You have everything you need within and outside yourself to overcome.
  • "I Am" Statmentment
    • I am statements are a huge part of Self-Love and Self-Knowing. We worked on them before, but now we're here to work on them again, anew. 
    • What are 3 I AM statments you can say today and believe:
      • 1- I Am...
      • 2- I Am...
      • 3- I Am...
    • Bonus: write them on your mirror, in your notebook, on your computer. If that's embarrassing, you can even do a little trick I like to use: colored dots! Those sticky dots that you see on items at car boot/garage sales. Whenever you see that dot, you know it's an invitation to check in with your heart and validate that You Are. 
    • Bonus 2.0: This is a heavy week, what within me can help me find balance as I choose to tread deeper waters?
      • You are powerful. You are capable. You are heard. (see!)
        • Learning more of who we are means having access to a fuller version of ourselves. How can you interact with the pieces of you that are rising up in this work? 

Has anything risen up in me as I have walked through this course and these steps? Have I taken the time to sit back this week and centre down and listen to my body? Have I felt?

  • We are working on what it feels like to ground ourselves by placing our feet on the ground, putting something cold or hot in our hands, estabilishing a connection to our present (instead of our past) and then taking the weights off our backs to place them on the table. 
  • Once the weights we're carrying are off our bodies and in front of us, we are learning to pick these weights up and communicate with them. How does it feel next to you? How does it feel in your hands? Bad? Maybe we don't need that anymore, maybe we can feel that and release it. Good? Great! Own it. 
  • We are remembering what it feels like to own who we are, without our stories or our pain or our feelings or our anything being bigger than who we are. 

Pep Talk -

Whatever your healing looks like, however it needs to look for you today, I support you. I support your boundaries, I support your journey. I support your voice. 

You are allowed to make this yours. Take the Seeds, and become the Gardener. What is your heart telling you? I invite you to share it with a person in your community today. You are inspiring. 

Mantra/Prayer/Meditation -

As I continue to forage new paths in the wildnerness, as I overcome and allow that pain to become purposed, as I face old pain and give myself the space to feel it, I am also learning to embrace all of who I am, and reclaim more of my Soul Ground. I am taking back what is mine, and balancing the scales with Love's Voice. I know and have access, because I am.





  • My ability to rise is unique and important. I am unique and important. I am more than one thing. I can feel more than one thing.
  • Even when it is uncomfortable, I am allowed to make mistakes and still receiving from Love. I am allowed to feel and be messy and still receive from Love.
  • The "shoulds" of life have no control over me. Shitty and sacred is where it's at. I want a whole life, because I am a whole me.


Past’s Voice - fear, isolation, blame, heaviness.

Love’s Voice - forgiveness, grace, understanding, validation, support, truth.

Your Voice - unique, powerful, important, human.



As we expand into our color more and more, we will gain deeper understanding that being human is to color outside the lines. To not be stuck within one label is to live within our Soul Ground and not within a box. Whether those lines were ones that someone drew for us and then we upheld, or they are lines of another root, we are not bound by them anymore. We can color outside them, live outside them, and embrace a full life outside them. To laugh, enjoy, be silly. To be real AND human AND rise. 

Realizing this is another facet on uncovering voices like our Creative Voice. It is the messages within that we may not even realize are our voices, that we can access in times of hardship and in times of great joy. Being human is okay, coloring outside the lines is beautiful, and embracing our own rawness is freeing. We do not have to act on our sadness to be sad. We do not have to act on our anxiety to validate our anxiety. We do not have to explain our anger (even to ourselves) to be angry. We do not have to live in a box. 

There is more to life than overcoming with perfection, and more to life than the "shoulds". 

Homework - 

The intention of coloring outside the lines is to remind us that life doesn't need to be perfect to be good. As we learn to trust ourselves more and more and as we expand, we are going to be able to access a life with a bigger scale...coloring outside the lines reminds us that more exists and we have access to it. 

  • As I embrace my humanity, as I color and uncover more of myself, I am able to overcome differently than before whilst still validating how I overcame in my past. How does it feel to see Love's Voice and Past's Voice become more balanced?
    • You know the drill, so I invite you to participate it in it now (and maybe even do it your way). What are 3 things that rise up within you? 
      • 1- 
      • 2-
      • 3-
      • I trust you. You can hear. You have access. What do you feel? Listen, that voice is there for you. 
      • How are you communicating with these three things? What do they feel like within you? What can you do with them/for them/for you?
  • As I face whatever I am facing today, how can I add in some silly into the shitty? How can I give myself permission to be brave in new ways, whole ways, raw ways. Ways that allow me step across the lines of "normal" and learn to Love who I am in my quirky?
    • Learning more of who we are means having access to a fuller version of ourselves. How can you interact with the pieces of you that are rising up in this work? 
    • Bonus: How can you share it (when you feel led) with a loved one or your community?
  • As I endure, where do I feel safest? Where can I express the laughter in the shit, without having to explain? How can I create that space within, before I share it on the outside?
    • Being able to live without explanation is something that comes along with confidence. Spirit led, heart led, confidence. Knowing that even in the hardest decisions, you do not have to explain because you are trusted and you trust yourself. 
    • This takes time to learn, but you don't have to wait to begin learning it. What is one thing you can do this month that will allow you to practice trusting yourself?

What is one thing I recognized over this journey, thus far, that I do not need anymore? What is one thing we can feel and release? (Or just maybe feel and feel?)

  • I am in awe of what we are capable of, but what I've learned along the way is our ability to feel AND also not be bound. Just as we are learning how to separate feeling from action, we get to learn how to feel without having to carry. To not erase or run, but feel and release.  
  • I feel because I am safe, but I am safe because I feel. The shitty and the sacred. 

Where do my doubts lie? Where do I feel nervous? 

  • I feel nervous, I feel doubt, but I am not bound by those things. Just like when we practiced saying the "I feel, but I am" statements, we are are going to practice how to do this with out "bad" or "dirty" or "unholy" feelings. (Cough cough, nothing is bad or dirty or unholy, if we feel it.)

Pep Talk -

You can be more. You are more. I see you. You are rising. To know that life can be shitty and sacred, and you can be messy and powerful. 

To say: "I am allowed to sway as I become, and doubting my ability to overcome isn't unholy or wrong. I have access to a hope that is stronger than fear, but I am allowed to fear.  I will always have choice."

Because yoou are more, and this is you finding it. I believe in you. I trust you. I love you. 

You are allowed to make this yours. Take the Seeds, and become the Gardener. I invite you to sit down and write out all the truths you know about yourself, blooming and realized. 

Mantra/Prayer/Meditation -

As I continue to forage new paths in the wilderness, as I overcome and allow that pain to become purposed, as I face old pain and give myself the space to feel it, I am also learning to color outside the lines. I am color, I can color, I do color, because I am.





  • My boundaries I set within my Self-Care will determine my boundaries inside my relationships and within my purpose (business or otherwise)
  • I am allowed to say "no" without explaining why, even if that "no" is directed to me.
  • I know who I am, and thus I know I can never be without.
  • I have everything I need, and I am capable.
  • I am safe, I am grounded, I am loved..
  • I am allowed to redefine what it means for me to thrive. 
  • My healing is personal, my self-love is mine, my journey doesn't need to look a certain way. 
  • It's okay to say "It is not well".


Past’s Voice - fear, isolation, blame, heaviness.

Love’s Voice - forgiveness, grace, understanding, validation, support, truth.

Your Voice - unique, powerful, important, human.



In the beginning, I didn’t have a choice. It was either survive or don’t, and every choice I made during my pursuit of my messy freedom held a weighted consequence. Every decision had to be tirelessly discerned, because every decision was felt in aftershocks for years to come.

This is how I learned that healing has a ripple effect. Ignoring our choices and standing in the mud of denial is often more comfortable than choosing to expand and ascend. Inner work is fucking hard shit (no easier way to put it), but when you do it you free yourself. You uncover your freedom within, instead of having to look for freedom on the outside, and within a "perfect life". You find who you are, and that who you are can never be compromised by leading a heart-led life. The resources, the hope, the faith, the trust, the things that allow you to thrive, even if. Even if everything is a shit storm, you know who you are and that who you are cannot be stolen or diminished. Which, in reality, is our greatest fear. To be alone, abandoned, less than, and without our needs being met. 

It's why we have chosen to rely on other things that have let us down; it is why we are have this false understanding that life needs to be "this way" in order to be healed or good or perfect to be well; because we were never told that we could trust what was within. We were never aware of that which was within was of value or important, We aren't really going to believe we can, until we feel. 

So, what would it feel like to know those things, not just say them or have them said to us? What would it feel like to continue this inner-work so that we can know our truest strength is to thrive, no matter what we face. To sing it is well, and also know that it isn't wrong to say "but right now it's not". 

Homework -

As I think of everything I have overcome, what do I see? How do I feel? What are the patterns? Where are the lies?

  • Bring it way back, I invite you to start where you can and go to where you feel you are able. In the beginning of my healing, I intuitively guided myself to create what I now call my healing journal. Where I wrote down every single age that I felt most hurt. It took some time to discern, but I ended up writing down every single that I recalled happened during those ages, and felt them. I felt the pain, anger, grief, AND the little girl within who endured it. I felt it all. But I didn't stop there. 
  • Because I was feeling into these parts of my heart, I was also learning about who I was then and reclaiming her. So, I began to write down the things I was learning, alongside the pain. It was where I learned to say "no". To say "no" to the lies I held onto, because I didn't know the truths. So, as I reclaimed the truths, I released the lies. 
    • It also helped with the PTSD. I was able to say here is my pain, here is the things that could trigger that pain, here is what is true about that age and time in my life, and so here is what I can do when I am frightened. If I experienced a trigger from age 5, I knew that my 5 year old loved animals. So, I would go spend time with animals. 

As I uncover more of my truths, how can I use them in my life when things get shitty?

  • Like everything in this course we are working on integrating the things we practice here and bring them into our life. How can we engage with this? Well, by feeling it. 
    • Feelings are more than just random bursts, they are known responses. We are rewriting our known responses, in order to reclaim our hearts and our lives from Past's Voice. This means being aware, taking time to breathe, giving ourselves grace when we inevitably fuck it up (yeah, that's a given, we're human and this is about being human). 
    • It's a hard road, that creates a new life. Not just in self-love, but in every single facet of our existence. It is powerful, raw, and real, and it takes us using these foundational tools to lead us to our next set and the set after that. I am constantly evolving, so I am constantly re-evaluating my self-love and self-care. It all started here, and it led me to my new life. My whole life, my true life, my humanity.

As I move into the next two days of rest and reconnect to all I am learning, what is my intention?

  • We are moving from ideals into freedom. We are taking these tools are making them ours. To become our Gardener, we must be patient. 
  • This journey will expand your life and journey in ways that will blow your beautiful mind as you look back on it. Standing in the present, instead of just white knuckling through, will allow us to rise without burn out.
  • To have the dust and water and wind settle as we carve our brilliant paths in the wilderness, so we can see it and Love it...instead of just run through it and reach expansion not aware. 
  • I rushed a lot of things, this is your opportunity to pick up that journal again, sit in your safe space, and process. To be you. 

Pep Talk -

You are not chasing perfection, and thus you are no longer bound by it's rules. You own truth, you own your faith, and you have an abundance of choice. You can define it, you can expand, you can embrace the shitty with the sacred and you can say "no" to the demands and just live. 

I trust you in this process, and I trust the process no matter the length of it. I can give you all the answers, but none of them would be your answers. And truth be told, all of my answers shift constantly. The one constant? My knowing of Love. That Love is real and abundant and here for me, always. It is my rock as much as my Soul Ground is my truth, and even as I sway and shift and grow, Love is there for me. Love is there for you. Love never fails. 

Mantra/Prayer/Meditation -

I am a vessel of my truth, and I am allowed to sway. As I learn more and more how to honor my heart, by knowing my heart, and learning that my Soul Ground cannot be compromised by the things I overcome I am releasing what I no longer need. Overcoming becomes easier every single time I do it, because I am able to understand more and more that I get to choose how I respond to it, without being lessened by it. It can be shitty, and I can say "It is not well," even as I rise. I can thrive even if, because I am.