We are solo in our endeavours to promote the education, advocacy, and resources on sexual assault and sexual trauma, instead of forming an organisation, non-profit, or any other branch of that word. We have all, personally and for different reasons, not only been hurt by the system but have worked within the non-profit and business sectors enough to know that our approach can be so much more beneficial if we receive our funding privately and through pre-established institutions. Leaving us with the ability to not edit or modify the work we do, and to remain open and discerning to who we partner with. 

Choosing to help reform and educate the systems already in place through our knowledge, and my extensive trauma history, through education and training and using the funding we receive to not only support ourselves but facilitate free works for survivors.

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THE magic of amber newby

"When I sit in my corner, alone and in the dark, feeling all that I carry. All the weight of my trauma, the power of my truth, the passion in my heart for this work. It nearly breaks me sometimes. 

It often does.

Amber Newby has almost single-handedly shifted not only my entire perspective of what true, authentic, needed support looks like, but how it feels. 

Amber looks love, as much as her actions feel like love. She is empathic, grounded, hilarious, wise, talented, caring, stunning, and powerful. Her own story shakes me, her own voice moves me, and her own life has made mine just that much more easy to bear. 

I am fiercely protective and discerning when it comes to inviting others into this work and advocacy. No matter who you are, or what you've gone through, you will be triggered here. You will be uncomfortable here. You will be challenged here. 

I want to be considerate of not only the supporters but of those they are supporting, and I can tell you right now that I fully and undeniably trust this woman. For all of who she is and all of what she is committed to do. 

She is going to change the world, and I can tell you from personal experience that she has already changed mine."

-Skyler Mechelle, Founder

the artist & educator

Amber Newby is a long time artist, advocate, and educator who chooses to not only speak out about prevalent issues she is passionate about, but actively stand at the forefront of change.

From her incredible background in the fashion industry, to her outstanding marketing career, Amber now runs Art Healing Workshops, and curates and runs a traveling Art Show called: "I Believe You".  



The Magic of maeluna rad

"I remember the days when I first began writing. The tremendous burden I carried due to my bodies powerful response to my abuse and the lack of boundaries I knew how to hold because of it, mixed with the isolation that trauma causes because of the taboo nature of it.

It was a vicious cycle of passion and pursuit, layered with inexperience and beautifully messy humanity. Time and time again it landed me back where I began: in my dark corner, alone, with only my own soul to comfort and affirm the truths spilling from my skin. With only my own soul to validate that I knew what I needed, even as I swayed and fell and soared. 

Maeluna's first email to me came at the cusp of this newly birthed, and finally grounded, advocacy. I knew that minute, as much as I know today, that that email and her support is the only reason that this advocacy exits. 

If it weren't for Maeluna I would have stayed in that dark corner, and filled up that vast and painful space with the words that were meant to be here. To exist outside of me, as much as they have created freedom within me. 

She is my guiding light, breath of magic, and deeply needed word weaving editor. But, even more than that, she is the woman I will call to whenever I need to be reminded of who I actually am. Her work in this project is vitally important, and I have no doubts that the space she holds for me won't just stop at my rainbow covered door."

-Skyler Mechelle, Founder

THE editor & cosmic goddess

Maeluna Rad is a wild, hungry soul with a ravenous appetite for the universe’s curiosities and cosmic magic. She laughs loudly, loves madly, dances like she’s on fire, takes risks and slays. After living abroad and traveling extensively, her soul’s purpose was revealed and she’s since committed her life to her passions–writing, travel, growth, and love. She writes to make you feel something, make you question everything, and to make you smile.

The co-pilot of the Spirit Guides Magazine rocket ship and the beautiful Editor to Skyler Mechelle, she navigates the shimmering sea of possibilities by the light of her soul.